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How to solve the inaccurate feeding of the servo feeder

Time:2022-09-08 13:41:36  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
The feeding accuracy of the servo feeder generally reaches an accuracy of 0.05mm, which is already a type of high-precision feeder. If the guide pin is used for positioning, the accuracy of ±0.02mm can be obtained. No matter what type of feeder, in the process of metal coil feeding, occasionally more or less inaccurate feeding occurs. Servo feeders are no exception. No manufacturer dares to deliver 100% accuracy. Below, RUIHUI, you have sorted out some solutions to the inaccurate feeding of CNC servo feeders.

Insufficient or uneven feed roller pressure
Feed slippage or sheet metal coils are always biased in one direction, resulting in inaccurate feeding. If the material slips, the pressure screw can be adjusted to increase the roller pressure. If the coil piece always deviates to one side, it means that the pressure on the side is too high. At this point, the spring pressure on this side can be reduced until the material runs back to the correct position, or the spring pressure on the other side can be increased.

There is a foreign body in the institution
There are iron filings and foreign objects in the gear of the servo feeder, and the iron filings and foreign objects need to be removed. Usually, attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance.

Assembly failure
If the angle of relaxation time is adjusted too late, the guide pin of the mold leaves the guide hole of the material, and the roller has not pressed the material, causing the material to retreat. Adjust the correct relaxation time.

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