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With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the four major process stamping industries have also flourished. In order to adapt to the increasing output, various automated production lines have emerged, and different production methods have been given with the characteristics of the products.

Progressive Die Stamping Automated Production Line: For the process characteristics and achievable high-tech punching of each process, it can be applied to the production of small parts on the body, and can meet the high requirements. Supply amount.

The automatic stamping production line mainly includes: progressive die stamping and multi-station stamping. Due to their respective characteristics, they are used to produce different automotive sheet metal parts, with their unique advantages in automotive automation. And efficient production systems play a huge role.

Multi-station stamping automation production line: It can be applied to the rapid production of medium-sized parts, the beam parts that are not easy to be deformed, the symmetrical parts with complex left and right common-mode shapes, and the products that can be clamped by the clips on the automatic rod. Can be applied to the production of this automatic line.

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